The first step is the hardest

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Have you ever had a lofty goal or something you wanted to achieve but the thought of tackling it just seems so daunting that you get overwhelmed? Perhaps you just don’t know where or how to start?

I felt like that about this blog a little bit. In fact, I got so bogged down in the weeds of questions that I postponed launching it for a whole month. I researched blog platforms, made sure I had brainstormed at least a year’s worth of potential articles, and then panicked slightly because I was no photographer and what would I do for photos?!

Even though I had my ideas mapped out, when I sat down to write this entry, that little voice of doubt popped in my head. The one that told me what I was about to write wasn’t worth saying. For me, that’s when procrastination starts to creep in. If I don’t feel 100% confident in what I’m about to do, sometimes I try to avoid it altogether.

To counter this, I’ve started taking what I know from my powerlifting training and applying to other things in my life. Does it make me a little bit OCD? Maybe. Or maybe it just means I need a little more organization to stay on task.

When I set a goal for powerlifting, it’s not just some arbitrary number without a plan to reach it. I set a goal that is right at the cusp of what I feel is achievable yet challenging to reach and then I set out a plan to get there and plan how long it will take me to get there. Breaking it down even further, I have a plan for each and every day that I step foot in the gym, right down to the number of sets and reps I need to do that day. I have it set up in a spreadsheet on my computer and I also write it in a notebook that I take to the gym with me for every session. This is a visual reminder of what I’ve accomplished for that day. It also allows me to track how far I’ve come on my weightlifting journey when I flip back to past weeks.

Sometimes all you can do to achieve a goal is to take it one day at a time. Maybe the task of sitting down to plan everything is scary on its own but if you have a goal that you are passionate about, the fear of not doing it will start to outweigh the fear of doing it.

Back to my fear about this blog – the purpose of this blog, the thing I am passionate about, is encouraging women just like me to feel empowered and create a community to help one another. And that purpose far outweighs my own self-centered fears. If I can but help or inspire one person to take one step that they were unwilling to take before, I’ve accomplished something.

My challenge for you Peaches this week is this:

  • Identify a goal and write it down.
  • Identify what is holding you back from your goal – is it just fear? Money? Not knowing how to start?
  • Write down step one toward that goal. It could be as simple as saving $5 or just spending 30 minutes in the gym. If you have no idea how to start and need to ask someone for help, that could be your first step. The key is to DO IT!

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