Welcome to Millions of Peaches!

A big thank you to all who stop and read my posts on this page. Millions is Peaches is finally here!

What is Millions of Peaches exactly? Basically, it’s a forum for girls and women to know that there are others just like them, to come to for words of encouragement and to find challenges to empower them to take on the world like the powerful beasts they are!

When I started weightlifting, I had no idea the strength that hid within my body; and as I grew physically stronger, I started to realize there was a connection between feeling like a beast in the gym and the confidence I started to feel outside of the gym. And as I started to increase my confidence in other aspects of my life, I realized that I had become a role model for other women around me. So I thought, “Why not start a forum for more and more women to become role models and encourage one another to feel the same way?!”

The idea behind the name Millions of Peaches came to me from a few different places:

  • A small seed or peach pit can produce a new tree and thousands more peaches. Those peaches can then be multiplied again and again thereby creating millions of peaches!
  • In social media, women who lift or those describing women who lift often use a peach emoji (because women who lift develop round, juicy bums).
  • One of my favourite movies is A League of Their Own. The Rockford Peaches are the featured team in the movie but they were actually a real professional women’s baseball team. What the movie portrays is a group of women who come together from many different backgrounds who learn to play together, help, support and encourage each other through all of their ups and downs.

Curious? I hope so! Please visit the About Millions of Peaches page to learn more about the mission, vision and values of this venture.

I hope you’ll come back to read the posts!

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